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The Team

Co-Founder's Deon D. Leftenant & Clarice Miller with Locks Down by Deshalamar Model Rassintia.


American Veterans, Domestic Violence, & Huntington’s Disease -

Deshalamar CDC 501 c 3 is dedicated to doing our part!

I am a honorably discharged American Vet, 82nd Airborne. My Partner is a survivor of Domestic Violence Whose family has been affected by Huntington’s Disease."We came together to form our non profit organization to help make a difference for others who share these experiences.The reason for our existence is to give back to the community."



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Deshalamar CDC 501 (c) 3 was established in 2009.

We aim to assist and support three causes:
American Veterans, Domestic Violence and Huntington’s Disease

Deshalamar CDC 501(c)3 EIN# 27-0696551: As a non profit organization we do not choose or promote any political stance.
We adhere to a non discrimination policy.

Deshalamar CDC 501 (c) 3 of New York
Complete Program Outline

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We Help Vets
This program was created to help build “The House of Change” – a Veterans residence. 100% Net proceeds go toward “The House of Change” Veterans residence. WeHelpVets.Org

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Domestic Violence Awareness
This program was created to help domestic violence survivors with basic needs: summer camp programs, school supplies, Christmas gifts and so much more.

National_Domestic_Violence Hotline_1_800
The HD Relief Fund
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Based on the feedback of the JHD/HD community, Deshalamar has instituted The HD Relief Fund.  The HD Relief fund will be awarded based on essential needs -  (medications, groceries, utilities, etc.). This program is only available for individuals within the JHD/HD community, or directly affected caregivers. Referrals are accepted from nonprofit 501 c3 Organizations when funding is available 
*Huntington’s Disease Awareness items (within the online store) are directly tied to this fund. 100% net proceeds go directly into The HD relief Fund.*

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Paws Pantry
"When a family is in need, people often forget that pets are family, this program was designed to focus on the needs of the family pet, and provide assistance in the form of, pet food, gift cards to local pet stores, and if funds allow, assistance paid directly to a veterinarian. 

This program will allow donors to donate $1.00 to any of the following projects:
Help an American Vet
Help a survivor of domestic violence
HD Relief Fund

Paws Pantry​

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This program was designed to provide unique items at affordable prices. 30 - 100 % net proceeds from sales goes directly into our programs.
Individuals who purchase any of these items can specify (in store) where to allocate the funds (specific programs) unless the item specifically states a specific cause.*at this time the online store within is closed.  Below you will find other ways to show your support :


Locks Down by Deshalamar - 50% Net proceeds allocated to

Fund Deshalamar CDC 501 c 3 Programs. 

Autobiography - Looking Down at the Storm - 50% Net proceeds allocated to

Fund Deshalamar CDC 501 c 3 Programs. 

Deon's Affordable Plumbing - 10% Net proceeds allocated to Fund Deshalamar CDC 501 c 3 Programs.


Amazon Smile -  0.05% of your purchase Donated to Deshalamar CDC 501 c 3 



Deon D. Leftenant

Third Generation Plumber,
Certified Boiler Technician - Oil / Gas
Honorably Discharged American Veteran & Entrepreneur

Deon's Affordable Plumbing - Nassau/Suffolk New York


Locks Down by Deshalamar
Designed by President / Co-founder Deon . D. Leftenant, Fabric fashion hair care accessory that caters to men, women, and children (with shoulder length hair or longer) in a fashion conscious manner. 50% of net proceeds go directly into Deshalamar CDC 501(c) 3 programs. 


Looking Down at the Storm – by Clarice Miller
Looking Down at the Storm by Clarice Miller (Co-Founder of Deshalamar) – Autobiography. 50% of net proceeds are allocated to Deshalamar programs.

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges. More info.


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