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May 21, 2021


Thanks again BLI for the recommendations & Affordable Plumbing (516) 263-3104. Mr. Deon D Leftenant was great from the time of the call to the end. He made sure to stay in contact with my husband to confirm and came here as promised and punctual. Thank you for your experience and skills to asses the issues and be able troubleshoot it rather quickly. I am really surprised how quick and meticulous you were with this major job. And I am always truly honored and proud as a family member of military servicemen and women to have a veteran like Mr. Leftenant provide his expertise. Price was extremely affordable and is able to receive different payments methods (i.e. cash app) you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again and Thank you for your service.


Deon sent Today at 1:23 AM

You're very welcome! And thanks u guys for the tip..!!! And I want to thank Black Long Island for making major connections for honest hard working businesses Men And Women to our community !! Word of mouth advertising through BLI has been a major positive influence to my business.. Thank u BLI and thank everyone that uses it..

Rhonda W. to Affordable Plumbing - July 23 2020

Deon D Leftenant, thank you.

Affordable Plumbing at its best, again!

Job well done.


Rhonda W. to Affordable Plumbing

July 8 2020

Affordable Plumbing has done it again!!

We were in a situation this morning and Deon D Leftenant worked it out!

God bless him and his business ABUNDANTLY!!!!

Rhonda W. to Affordable Plumbing

June 24 2020


Affordable Plumbing has done it again! I'm grateful.

Thank you. This community needs you!!!

Lawrence to Affordable Plumbing

April 3 2020

Deon thank you for this! Although I'm on Georgia and not home in NY your posts resonate with my folks here!

I am the President of my neighborhood association and your posts give me information I can share, especially with parents here in Atlanta. They thank me for them and I'm thanking you!

I think it's important you get the word that what you're doing is affecting lives hundreds of miles away from you.

Appreciate you cousin!

Wade L. to Affordable Plumbing

Jan 27 2020

Anyone needing a plumber, highly recommend Deon!

Terri R. to Affordable Plumbing

Nov 7 2018

A few weeks ago I recommended Cummings plumbing to a pal here on FB. I withdraw that.... after 20 years of coming to this house (which counts for NOTHING to them) these fools wanted 600+ bucks to install two faucets (that I already purchased). That is insane and insulting. I fired them, had a long unproductive talk with their "marketing rep" who tried to explain their new pricing structure... which clearly involves me going along with robbery. Hired Affordable Plumbing, they did a great, great job, was nice, affordable and professional. The bill =190.00 You do the math. Cummings has gone to the dark side, stay away. Affordable is aptly named and it's going to be them for the next 20 years for this girl. Thanks guys, you rock.

Tracy S. to Affordable Plumbing

March 12 2017

Excellent work done at affordable gotta love it!!

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